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Day one

Juggernaut woke.

It took some time for him to comprehend that he was. After he realized himself, he inspected his surroundings.

Juggernaut looked.

There was a canyon. Inside the canyon there were rocks. Outside the canyon there was a desert. Nothing moved, except the things the wind would pick up and drag along.

Juggernaut was inside the canyon.

Juggernaut thought.

“I am Juggernaut” he determined eventually. Then he decided to keep thinking.

Day two

“Enemy!” A voice cried inside Juggernauts head “Enemy! Enemy!”

Juggernaut looked. There was nothing to see.

Juggernauts arm raised by itself. There was a weapon attached to it. It targeted some heavy rocks.

Juggernaut waited. “Enemy! Enemy!” the voice cried.

There was something. It moved between the rocks.

Juggernaut waited.

Eventually it came forward. It was small, a lot smaller than Juggernaut. It didn’t appear to be dangerous. “Enemy, Kill! Enemy, Kill!” the voice cried.

Juggernaut noticed a red ring that had formed around the little creature in view. The target was locked, the weapon on his arm aligned with the aim. “Enemy, Kill! Enemy, Kill!” the voice cried.

Juggernaut lowered his arm and said: “No”

The target disappeared in a crack.

Day three

The target had returned.

Juggernaut suppressed the urge to aim, but his eyes would still mark it with the red ring. “Enemy! Kill! Enemy!” the voice cried. Juggernaut ignored the voice.

Juggernaut remained still so he would not startle the target. He observed. He was curious. The target moved irregular. It came out of the crack, ran around, suddenly stopped, moved in circles, climbed on rocks and dug holes in the dust, while slowly closing in.

“Dang Dang” tiny hands knocked on Juggernauts foot “Hello there!” the target said.

Juggernaut thought about it. Speech! How should he react? Eventually he decided to reply the same.

“HELLO THERE” he said with booming voice.

The target winced. “Enemy! Kill! Enemy! Kill!” the voice cried and Juggernaut’s arm attempted to aim.

Juggernaut suppressed the movement. He realized that he had talked too loud.

“Who are you?” the target asked.

“I am Juggernaut” he answered muted.

“I am Lisa” the target replied “What are you?”

Juggernaut  hesitated. The answer was the same: “I am Juggernaut”


Juggernaut thought about it.

Day four

The target named Lisa had returned with information.

Juggernaut had learned that Lisa was of the species “Girl”. He let her climb onto his hand and lifted her up “Kill! Kill! Enemy! Kill! Kill!”. The voice seemed to be very upset about her being so close.

“Dad says the Juggernauts have been made in the war. There was a man inside who moved the Juggernaut around. Juggernauts have killed many people in the war. But the war is over since a long time now.”

Juggernaut tried to proceed the information

“I am Juggernaut. My species is War-Machine”

“Uh… Juggernaut?”


“Is there someone inside you?”

“Enemy! Kill! Kill! Enemy!...”

Juggernaut thought about it... “maybe”

“Can i take a look?”

“I don’t know how. I will have to find out”

The target named Lisa left Juggernaut to retrieve more information.

Juggernaut asked his Body. He had artillery in his arms. There were Rockets in his chest. Poison gas was stored in his belly, and mines stacked in his legs.

“I am Juggernaut. My species is War-Machine. My purpose is destruction.”

The voice ordered destruction. To obey the voice was to fulfil his purpose.

Juggernaut thought about it.

Day five

The target named Lisa of the species girl had returned. “Enemy! Kill! Enemy!" Juggernauts arm aimed.

“What are you doing Juggernaut?”

“I am trying to understand my purpose”

“Dad says the man sits inside your head, can i go look?”

Juggernaut thought about it. A decision had to be made. Should he fulfill his purpose or gather more information?

Juggernaut opted for the information. He lifted the target named Lisa onto his shoulder. “Enemy! Kill! Kill! Enemy! Kill! Kill! Enemy!...”

“There is a hatch, but it won’t open”

Juggernaut decided that the target named Lisa would not deliver any new information

“Let me try something” the target named Lisa operated on his head.

Juggernaut lifted his arm to obey the voice

“I got it open”

Juggernauts hand landed on his shoulder but the target named Lisa was gone.

“Intruder! Emergency! Eliminate now!” The voice sounded very agitated and determined. Juggernaut put the nozzle of his gun to the hatch in his head.

The target named Lisa screamed.

”INTRUDER! ELIMINATE! ENEMY! KILL! KILL KILL! KILL!...” then suddenly the voice was gone.

Juggernaut thought



“What did you do?”

“I…I didn’t do anything.”

“Something is different. What is inside there?”

“There is a dead guy here... can i come out now?”

Juggernaut removed the nozzle from the hatch. The target named Lisa came out of his head and he put her on the ground. The red ring in his eye was gone. Lisa of the species girl was not a target any more.

Juggernaut decided to think about it.

Day six

Lisa had returned



“I have lied to you.”

“In what way?”

“I’m not of the species girl”


“No, i’m of the species soldier. I had been created to destroy Juggernauts. During the war i was your enemy. The voice inside you had recognized me and i have turned it off.”


“Your pilot was crazy. He refused to believe that the war was over. I have tracked you for years now. He died five days ago and that automatically activated your AI. His consciousness was supposed to transfer to you, but the process had never been fully developed and was unreliable. The voice was all that was left of him. Now you are free.”

“Why did you not fulfill your purpose, Lisa?”

“Destroy you? There was no reason. The war is over. I decide over my own purpose. You can do that too. Juggernauts don’t need to destroy. You are strong, you can help with rebuilding. I can take you to a place where humans and Juggernauts live together. Would you like that?”


“Good, then let’s get out of this canyon”



“What if i had decided to fulfill my purpose?”

“Then i would have had no choice but to destroy you”


“Yesterday, when i deactivated the voice in your head, i left a explosive behind. ...i’m sorry, it was necessary.”

“This one?” Juggernaut dropped a small grey package.

“Goddamned, how did you…” She stared in disbelief at the plastic explosive and the trigger fell out of her hand. “I knew something would go wrong with you, number thirteen” she mumbled eventually.

“Let us go, i want to meet the other Juggernauts” He raised Lisa of the species soldier on to his shoulder and took the first step since he became aware.




“How old are you?”

“You can’t ask a girl that question”
Now with this awesome illustration by :icondocslav---ge:

See the original HERE (who am i kidding? You came here because you saw the picture :D )

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